Heritage Causeway – Musi River Pedestrian Bridge, Hyderabad
[For Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation]
2018 – Proposal

Proposed Pedestrian Causeway connecting two historic public buildings – The Salarjung Museum and State Central Library over the Musi River

Gandhi Park Redevelopment & Streetscape, Guntur
[For Phoenix Group]
2017 – Proposal

Guntur city’s central park and two of its main arterial roads were taken up for redevelopment as part of Phoenix group’s CSR. Riding on the success of its Phoenix Arena in Hyderabad, a similar proposal was made in Gandhi Park with an OAT and two semi open halls for events. A jogging track, outdoor exercise equipment, children’s play, entry and additional plantations were also planned. The design centered around the British era Clock Tower, bringing it to focus by creating a strong movement axis leading to it. The two pavilions were designed as beacons as informal setups which can be used all round the day.

Baba Baidyanath Temple Precinct Renewal, Deoghar
[For Jharkhand Urban Infrastructure Development Company Limited]
2016 – Tender

Plaza Proposals

Streetscape Proposal

Facade Improvement of Approach Road to Golden Temple, Amritsar
[For Darashaw & Co.]
2013 – 2016 Completed

The facade improvement proposal initiated by the Government of Punjab and executed by PHTPB, though not the first in its vision, was the first to be successfully implemented within a short span of time. The Kshetra New Delhi studio was involved at the inception stage and helped conceptualize the design and approach to the facade improvement idea. 4Kms of street facades belonging to private/ non-private entities and individuals were documented physically and organized into typologies. Facade elements were identified which would eventually help create harmony and coherence in the otherwise chaotic streetscape. The studio helped quantify all these concepts and ideas into estimates and drawings, but was not involved in the ground execution of the project.


2013 – Site Photograph


2016 – Site Photograph