Break the Space, Create a Place

Breaking away from the historic imagination of streets at CP as ‘circles’, contemporary conception of an urban pedestrian space in a democratic context calls for strategies that break the existing geometry of space to create a place. Major issue in having an urban park surrounded by vehicular roads is that of access. Effective Pedestrianisation will only be possible when the problem of access is equitably resolved. For citizens to access central park in order to create visible ‘life’ and ‘energy’ that is being envisioned, the road barriers need to be dismantled. The integration of shopping activity needs to be seamless with that of the urban plaza; the activity of the urban plaza needs to be seamless with that of the Central Park. Radial geometry of CP can be used to good advantage in order to achieve this. There are four components to the Pedestrianisation idea proposed here.

1. Central Park: A large contiguous green space with its perimeter touching the shopping arcade, the urban plazas and the vehicular roads in alternate succession.
2. Promenade: A continuous pedestrian arc connecting the CP arcade end to end, and at the same time hugging the urban plazas and Central Park in alternate succession; finally culminating in the Central Park itself.
3. Radial Loops: Three one-way paths of ROW 30m, channelling vehicles into and out of the inner circle area without having to circumambulate the Central Park. These will accommodate Parking Lots and drop-off/pick-up provisions.
4. Middle Circle Road: A continuous two –way vehicular arc of ROW 15m acting as a connector, providing service to the buildings. The ‘circle’ is again not closed in order to discourage thoroughfare traffic.

Apart from diverting the focus from ‘inner circle’ to ‘Central Park’, the idea completely revokes the need for ‘junctions’. This is aimed at reducing movement conflicts to fashion a safer pedestrian-friendly environment. Opening up more area and easy access for Central Park will enable programming of space like children’s play zone, flea market, street food arena, street performances, etc.

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