Reshamkhana Arts, Crafts & Cultural Center, Srinagar
[Invited National Design Competition]
2019 – Competition Entry

SUPER CP!, Neo Delhi
[For International Ideas Competition hosted by Commun on]
2019 – Winning Entry

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Mahboob Chowk Market Renewal, Hyderabad
[For Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation]
2018 – Tender

In the day and age when Mahboob Chowk Market Complex (Built 1930s) stood in its full glory, it served a specific purpose in the neighborhood to which people, in one way or another, were connected, apart from being the face of the contextual identity of the settlement. Older stretches and patches of settlements like these have the ability to permeate character to an area and create a ‘sense of place’ that people instantly associate with and essentially imbibe as a part of their being. This is by virtue of the building / settlement having a ‘lived-in’ feel to it, and such an identity is important in eliminating the feeling of uncanniness that most people associate with ‘modern’ developments today. Though the building itself may not be as individually significant to warrant a listing in the heritage structures of the town, it has more potential than its current predicament.

The project is in evolution under the classic debate of how to intervene in ‘unlisted’ built heritage. Since the existing built fabric can no longer sustain the original function of the place two adaptive re-use design options have been presented. First; retaining the historic footprint of the structure while adding a floor above and Second; gutting the old structure but building on its foundations to create a contemporary place using historic architectonics. Both proposals have the ability to transform the place in context of the larger historic Charminar precinct redevelopment plan adopted by the city.

Kakinada Municipal Corporation Headquarters, Kakinada
[For Kakinada Municipal Corporation]
2019 – Proposal

Chittorgarh Fort Tourist Facilities, Chittorgarh
[For Indian Oil Foundation]
2018 – Proposal

Havelis Renewal, Shahjahanabad
[For Prof. Bhawna Dandona]
2017 – Completed

Khajuraho Tourist Facilities, Khajauraho
[For Indian Oil Foundation]
2017 – Proposal

Kanheri Caves Tourist Facilities, Mumbai
[For Indian Oil Foundation]
2014 – Under Construction