The act of building, so natural to communities of all economic & cultural levels, forms the visible chain of human history in varying degrees of artistic merit. The immediate success is dictated by the acceptance of the immediate user, but the ultimate and indisputable success lies in creating timeless environments – such as will find relevance and acceptance in all ages to come and will find their place among those that have passed.

At AUDS | Kshetra New Delhi we are committed to work for the general good of humanity by providing solutions to the problems which are curbing the human progress – both intellectual and technological. We are determined to narrow down the divide between commercial and non-commercial architecture by breaking away from the paradigm set by the so called civilized world.

We believe more in the universal law of balance rather than following a design dogma; that there is order in chaos; that wastage is unethical; that sensitivity is a prerequisite; that Man can fit into an environment; that all the complex problems of the physical world have simple solutions; that the line separating competence and ineptitude is drawn not by how many resources, time or energy one has, but how much one is ready to spend. The human resource is inexhaustible, and hence we are in an eternal pursuit to achieve that perfect balance which eludes the intellectual and serves the common man.