Science Centre, Kakinada

2019 - Ongoing

The design for Science and Innovation Centre at Kakinada aims to bring together and seamlessly fuse modern and traditional building elements to establish a deep-rooted connection with the culturally significant context of Kakinada, while being a complex of the current age. The design thus brings together the traditional courtyard typology and fuses it with a seemingly modernistic concordant mass, that gives rise to the current form of the building. While the shaded and ventilated courtyard is intended to become the hub of activity for the centre, the spaces are multilateral and provide the user the kind of flexibility that one would come to expect of a centre for innovation. In a way, the approach mirrors what science intends to do as a subject of study, pick up from the past, and look to the future in the hope of constant innovation.

The complex forms a part of a larger master plan which aims to create a cultural zone in the Vivekananda Park with a natural lake at the centre of the development. The Science Centre, Public Auditorium, Restaurant and Plaza along with a Multi-Level Parking complex are being designed by Kshetra New Delhi and Vijayawada offices.

Kurnool Municipal Corporation Headquarters, Kurnool

2020 - Ongoing

In the day and age when the 21st century citizens expect and demand transparent and efficient governance, the Kurnool Municipal Corporation headquarters (KMC) offered an exciting chance to imbibe these aspirations in the architecture and planning of the campus.

The challenge to design and construct a new headquarters before the existing block is demolished led to a curvilinear massing. This was also creatively maneuvered to respond to the solar angles taking maximum advantage that the orientation offered.

Indoor Sports Stadium, Rajahmundry

2018 Unbuilt

An extremely rare and complex combination of multi-use indoor sports facility designed as per international standards for no less than 10 sports (Futsal, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Handball, Netball, Martial Arts, Wrestling, Boxing & Gymnastics) alongside dedicated spaces for Aerobics, Yoga, Weight Training & Table Tennis.

Three arenas with independent sets of access and services designed under a single PEB structure and enclosed by a monolith exo-skeleton perforated facade, aim to create a completely new typology of recreational building wherein training and competitions can be organized all year round. Spread over 5.6 Acres, the facility accommodates generous surface parking, tree cover, an outdoor jogging track and open play area. A second phase with basement parking and guest rooms has also been planned.

Masjid-e-Abdullah, Jhagarua (Bihar)

2017 - Fund Raising

A rare opportunity of designing a public space in a remote village which is yet beyond the reach of ‘development’. Jhagarua Village in Bihar still lives without the benefit of electricity and rely on individual diesel generators for essential needs. Prone to devastating floods during the monsoons, as witnessed in 2017, the requirement of a mosque cum social center presented a unique design context for the urban architects.

A stilted structure with a courtyard shaded by solar panels and enclosed with brick jaali walls ticked most of the boxes of response to floods, climate, cost, flexible space and self sustenance.